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I am an operations and strategic business development executive that drives growth and greatly improves outcomes in organizations.

My career has progressed quickly since I completed active duty service in the Navy.  I’ve rapidly trans-versed the project management spectrum, starting off managing project acquisitions for the Navy, progressing to managing large worldwide programs involving hundreds of personnel, dozens of worksites, and too many vendors and subcontractors to count, to managing full business portfolios crossing multiple business lines.

From there, I’ve been working in the executive ranks, quickly growing a struggling medium sized company into an industry force with strong margins. I then moved into a chief strategist role of a corporate conglomerate to drive top and bottom line growth across the enterprise, and pave the way for medium and long term success. Currently I am managing a large part of the modernization and integration of 10 different major government applications into a single system.

I am originally from Michigan, and I currently living in the Washington DC area by way of Italy.


I’m the guy that can make things happen quickly.  I like challenges and taking on complex (wicked) problems; developing and implementing elegant, executable solutions that satisfy all stakeholders.

I work by building a strong, working vision for the organization, putting personnel in their position of strength where they can excel and dominate, focusing resources to carrying out the core mission, and designing and implementing strategies to grow the bottom-line.  The way an artist visualizes a painting, is the same way my mind sees cash flow.  I find that extra 10% cost reduction or 5% revenue increase that others can’t.  My left brain, analytical mind combines with the creative, right brain to paint a picture of organizational optimization.

I have broad expertise and a deep knowledge base in business, organizational management, finance, and legal matters.  My functional strengths are in operational management, data analytics, sales and strategic business development, managerial accounting, capability maturity, portfolio/program management, and regulatory compliance.

Please view some of my programs, projects, and check out my recent accomplishments to see the kind of word I’ve done.


I want to continue helping organizations and teams reach their potential and dominate their industry.  Consulting, full-time, and contract inquiries welcome.

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$40M in New Contract Work

When I took over the company, there was only about $10M in contract revenue remaining, and the business development pipeline was virtually empty.  Through focused, targeted business development efforts we were able to win two major Government contracts worth $40M and get another bridge contract worth another $10M.  This more than quadrupled projected company revenue, improved long term profitability, and allowed us to rebuild the 24 month business opportunity pipeline to position company for getting back on the growth track.

Company Becomes #1 in the Industry

When I joined the company, they were becoming a player in the traffic and motorcycle safety industry; however there were a couple industry stalwarts that weren’t going to give up territory easily.  I built the motorcycle safety training business around the core values of high quality, fast execution, and fair pricing.  Through a meticulous growth strategy and careful use of resources, we were able to grow to be number one in the industry, measured both by revenue and number of employees.  

Profits Increase from Break-even to Near Double Digits

When I took over the company, they were barely breaking even and had a number of contracts losing money.  In fact, one very profitable contract was papering over the losses from other business, but that contract was coming to an end soon.  To correct this I put in a place and governance and performance metric system, that got all money losing business to at least a break-even point.  This accentuated the profitable business lines and put the company at near double digit profit margins when I left. 

Innovative Management Approaches Beat Out Industry Giant

This is a tale of David beating out Goliath, which in this case, Goliath was Raytheon, the incumbent on a good size Army support contract.  To win the contract bid against Raytheon and the other Defense industry stalwarts, I designed a management and communications plan that was significantly streamlined and leaner than anything typically seen.  This approach not only lowered costs significantly, but it also a faster communications approach that would be more responsive to changing needs and requirements.  I received multiple feedback that it was the best management approach to a program they had ever seen.   The Army awarded us the contract and due to our rapid execution, we became a go to contractor at the installation.   

Dozens of Service Members Alive Today Due to Program

In the mid 2000’s more military service members were getting killed on motorcycles that were dying in Iraq, and the fatality numbers were getting much worse every year.  In the Navy and Marine Corps, they were losing over 60 service members alone.  We expeditiously put in place a comprehensive safety and training program worldwide to reduce incidents and change the culture of motorcycle safety in the military. After our first year the number of fatalities had decreased to less than 30 a year (a 50% reduction) and has been sustained every since; a great achievement for our Sailors and Marines who are alive today. 

Record of Exceptional Service

For any company that has contracts with the Federal Government over a certain threshold (usually a few $M), they receive a yearly formal performance review.  Contractors are rated on a scale from unsatisfactory up to exceptional; exceptional meaning performance exceeds many contract requirements to the Government’s benefit.

In the last four years, the contracts I’ve directly managed have only received ratings of “exceptional”.  This is across the board in every grading category.  These exceptional reports have a great impact on the company’s ability to obtain and be favored for other federal contracts.  

Found $500k/Year Savings on Already 'Lean' Business Portfolio

I have an eye for finding ways to lower costs and this one was no different.  This involved reviewing a portfolio of about $8M/year in business that had already gone through “lean” initiatives to reduce waste and lower costs over a three year period.  By re-organizing the management team and conducting in-depth quantitative review, I was able to identify about $500k/year in additional savings that could be recognized.  In addition, there would be an improvement in quality assurance and responsiveness from this revised business model.   


My top five strengths according to Gallups Strength Finder test are:

  • Achiever
  • Learner
  • Command
  • Strategic
  • Adaptability


These work together great in leadership roles as I’m constantly learning and adapting, but I still get things done, while having a commanding enough presence to lead under various circumstances.